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16 August 2016 @ 12:25 am
Talk about spontaneous entries. Hah!

I'd been meaning to blog something rather long and (if I may say so myself) interesting here as of late, but couldn't pinpoint any specific topic. I was torn between a number of subjects and at the same time, lacking in content in all areas, generally. So it turned out to be a rather lose-lose situation.
Nevertheless, I have just gotten off tumblr, and I want to touch on something I hadn't foreseen, planned for, nor am I going to sit with the things I feel to properly sort them out so that they don't rub anyone up the wrong way. This is personal opinion of course. But the nature of it all has somehow... gotten to me in some way. Prodded me in a place not many things manage to. Hence, the things that follow.

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27 March 2016 @ 07:49 pm

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21 June 2015 @ 09:07 am
Oh God, this comeback has me hook line and sinker from nothing but the teaser photos. Absolutely loving these vivid contrasts; from a photographic perspective, they really nailed the visuals.

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20 June 2015 @ 11:48 am
Spent a good part of the morning making these, and really happy with them~ (warning: this icon post might give Baekhyun fans a heart attack LOL)

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11 June 2015 @ 08:53 pm
Still way too early in the evening and taking a break from my writing, so I decided to make more icons. These are fun.


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11 June 2015 @ 06:07 pm
Do you like K-Pop and/or J-Pop music? Who are your favorite artist(s) from these genres and what's your favorite song?
Yes, I do enjoy both K-Pop and K-Pop, however I was introduced to the latter first.
Utada Hikaru was the start of it all; in fact, her music is still incredibly pleasing! Flower is a great J-Pop group as well (not too clued-up on the male groups though, welp). Favourite J-Pop song is probably 'Prisoner of Love' or 'Be My Last', both by Hikki.
As for K-Pop, favourites so far comprise of Exo (favourite song of theirs either being 'The Star' or 'Love Love Love', both performed by M), and BTS (favourite song being 'Converse High').
04 June 2015 @ 11:28 pm
So this is my opinion on the newest Exo single... which will most likely end up being a rant. Sort of. I have a lot to say about really insignificant things to do with both the song and MV, so if you're interested enough to find out what I've prepared, click below!

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Now excuse me while I revisit my original story and perhaps utilize some of the ideas I'd managed to bottle up from all this observation.
I've also been plagued as of late with the indescribable urge to start an Exo AU fan fiction, including all the boys. I wonder if this will go well? Only time will tell, I say.
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29 May 2015 @ 04:59 pm

[11] Chanyeol
[3] Kai
[7] Lay
[5] Luhan
[1] Sehun

[7] Stock
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It's not like me to indulge in anything even remotely celebrity-related.

In fact, I exercised staying as far away from these things as possible, because they were seemingly neverending and quite pointless in my opinion. I could never even get my head around why people voluntarily searched the net for this kind of information on other people's lives just because they're 'popular'. All in all: celebrity news for me was uninteresting and somewhere along the lines of blasphemy.
However, I feel that this is seemingly changing as of late... note: seemingly.

I'm not quite sure when this started to happen. When I think back on it though, it definitely all dates back to late November 2013, where someone that had treated me to nice reviews on fanfiction.net introduced me to a particularly growing in popularity K-Pop boy group named Exo.
Oh yes. I think you know where this is going. However the story doesn't take off like a rocket yet. When I'd first crept into the world of K-Pop, I must admit that Exo was a first for me. I had heard about it and seen people online rant about pretty Oriental men from all kinds of different boy groups (the girls too, but - for the sake of keeping my entry in check - they were mostly the boys being targetted), but when it came to personally picking up my eyeglass and trudging into this 'obsessive fandom' territory like a version of Sherlock Holmes in his pajamas that did nothing but draw and write, I found myself lacking in interest.
Yes: Growl is a nice song. A bloody catchy song. So is Wolf and a bunch of other numbers off their first album, but I had downloaded only just a few to test the waters. I didn't give myself the luxury of watching their music videos because I still wasn't too sold on them. However, my older sister - Jol - had probably noticed me falling into madness far earlier than I'd ever seen myself doing so. From the moment Growl started to become a song I smiled at whenever it arrived magically on shuffle amidst the heavy metal mess of music I hoarded, I should have known that I was in for a rollercoaster I didn't book a ticket for, but still enjoyed nevertheless.

Now, before I get to the juicy bits relating to the title of my entry, I'd like to take some time to express my views on these boys:
Sadly (according to most veteran Exo fanatics), for the longest time, I was clueless when it came to placing names to faces. I don't wear glasses, mind you, because I have outstanding eyesight. Yet seeing these 12 boys together made me believe otherwise during the one instance where I watched a music video of theirs where the song didn't quite pique my interest. This also happened to me while watching a video of 3 members out of the 12 meeting up with someone from the Korean equivalent of the show Idols to simply bask in their love for music. There were only 3 members, but I had no idea who was who.
For the longest time, I could not for the life of me tell their faces apart. Ah, but not to mention when I discovered the 12 members were divided into 2 subgroups! Thank goodness I was alone in this fandom or else I would have embarrassed myself for 2 lives worth.
Slowly, as time went on and Overdose had been released to be fawned over for plentiful theatrics and incredible choreography, I decided to finally acquaint myself with them. Even after Overdose though, for the time in-between I was blissfully living in ignorance of the members indentities. Yet when it came time to familiarize myself with their faces, I began to realize that Xiumin was not DO. And that DO had a ridiculously nice voice. And that the pretty boy that barely gets any screentime because there are so many members is Luhan, and - what? - he's Chinese, not Korean! And that for the longest time after their Miracles in December album was released, I was somehow adamant that Chen's voice belonged to Suho, and that I disliked him because his vocals were a little too much on the trying-too-hard side, until finally being educated that Suho in fact actually had a nice, clear voice.

OK. So I rambled for a bit.
But now it's time to touch just what the title of this journal was meant for. Anyone remember Exo Showtime? Well, need I say more now that I've so as mentioned it?
For me, it all began after taking my baby steps into uncharted territory, ie: Korean dramas. I had seen people rant and rave about these shows constantly around the sites I'm more lively on. In fact, Korean dramas are still a growing trend amongst people my age. I didn't quite understand just how interesting they were until Exo Next Door became the new in-thing for the fans. I can't clearly recall what it was that first notified me of this show, but I can assure you it was not a person. Yikes. As I feared, I had now developed a small-time habit of stalking this group. But it's only normal if you like something, right?
Oh well. I'm not even going to bother justifying that. I'd found an interest in these boys that grew on me as sporadically as fungus, and I was quite enjoying the feeling of being a part of something. It was an odd revelation; still is now that I think about it. But nevertheless, Exo Next Door (which I haven't as yet finished, by the way) led to videos on YouTube, which led to me finding an interest in a particular member, which led to me almost having a member I biased, which ultimately, turned me into a mess when I discovered that most of the short video clips I was watching were all taken from Exo Showtime. Where was I when this kind of thing was airing? Hmm. Probably drawing while these boys lives were being documented into short movies and broadcasted for fans.
Now - like I said in the opening lines of this journal - it's not like me to indulge in anything even remotely celebrity-related. And gosh, I really mean it. Perhaps it was the way I grew up; my sister being a rebel that took interest in nothing apart from being a rebel, and my brother being the most elusive character I can think of in terms of worldly matters. I was never exposed to these types of luxuries most likely because we all viewed them as 'unimportant' or a 'waste of time'.
Well, that was until I realized that this is actually as entertaining as watching that show I adore called 1000 Ways to Die. Well, just that I wasn't both amused and intrigued at people dying in the most hilarious yet gruelling ways possible. Instead, I found myself bursting out into fits of laughter as I watched a group of 12 boys interact over a plate of chicken each. I never imagined something as random (or perhaps so mediocre in everyday life) could be as entertaining as it was, however there was also something incredibly endearing about watching this show.
I don't know about anyone else, but watching Kris' overall demeanor throughout episode 1 was probably the highlight of 2 evenings of mine. I watched this on throttled internet considering we somehow exhausted our monthly cap downloading and watching nonsense online, but the agonizing 10 seconds of buffering in between 10 seconds of footage was worth the otherwise hair-loss-inducing wait. By the end of episode 1, I did nothing but dish out praises for Kris because I realized we were all too much alike when it came to behaviour in public. I'm often misunderstood when it comes to my sour mood upon waking up when I'm faced with a large group of people - as observed by my father whom believes I'm the most grouchy zombie to walk this planet during the morning - however given a few minutes and a tasty snack, I transform into a people's person whose probably fit to be the world's next best salesperson.
And surprisingly, Kris was like this too. Pushing aside the sad reality that he's no longer a part of Exo, I found myself slowly being enchanted by him as he warmed up to the group mid chicken feast, and all his frowns turned upside down. Even his little winking action - despite me almost falling off my chair considering the fact that he still as cool drinking OJ - made my heart pound a little against my own will. Don't get me wrong, Suho had his charm with this roleplay. But Kris somehow put the cherry on top with his whole 'ice prince' demeanor that melted away as the episode progressed, which turned him into an overall very likeable character.
Hell, watching this episode even converted my dislike for Chen to something along the lines of seeing him in a more tolerable light now. Well, considering the fact that he was told he looks like a dinosaur, I suppose the fuzzy feeling that gave me when he laughed at the otherwise ridiculous comment changed my views on him. I probably would have also considered Xiumin to be a member I wasn't too fond of for God-knows-why, but when he'd expressed that reserved, overall genuinely coy response to when someone had complimented his eyes, inexplicably, I started to like him.

Overall, watching Exo Showtime is in fact something I'm probably going to be busy doing for the next week or so, depending on how compassionate my internet is going to decide to be. I had initially worried about finding decent fan subs for these, and sadly, there are no episodes on YouTube that are readibly available. However Dailymotion makes up for my newfound interest; I've just finished episode 2 last night, staying up until 2 AM watching these boys walk their dogs, eat spicy food, and hang out in the cold, but it was something that in an amusing yet comfortable way, inspired me to write.
Which is good. Considering that's what I'm doing at the moment with a new original story I've been jotting down as of late.

I'll probably be back soon to post yet another journal expressing my thoughts on some Exo-related matters, and hopefully thereafter, touch some art topics. Wish me well on my Showtime adventures!
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04 May 2015 @ 11:40 pm

I'm returning to LJ after such a long time, guys -- and actually, it feels good to be here again!
Aish; reading through all my old jouranl entries is kind of embarrassing, haha. A lot has happened, and man, I've really changed. No longer the whiney teenager I used to be (I hope LOL).

Anyway, I've been thinking about making a comeback here for a really long time, and finally I think I'm going to make this happen. I have a butt ton of accounts all over the place for my art mainly, so I think with LJ, I'm going to reserve this account for things like small rants, random wip's and maybe some tutorials, as well as my literature. Things might get a little intellectual here, but hey - it is after all a live 'journal', h a h.

Really looking forward to seeing what new things I can do and achieve here again, and hopefully I can update this as regulary as I do with my other accounts!

You can find me on these sites as well:

Mata ne~! ( ᐛ )
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